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The feeling of excitement before Christmas. You can wish someone a 'Happy Crambob' before Christmas.
1) I'm so Crambob!

2) You've got a Christmas tree already? You're Crambob.

3) Happy Crambob!
by love.crambob December 12, 2009
Crambob is the name given to the intense build up of suspense in the pre-Christmas weeks or even months. Symptoms may include hyperventilating and ranting excessively about the merits of the festive season. For many, this anticipation is more exciting and enjoyable than the actual event. Note that the word 'Crambob' is a noun, and should not be used adverbially or as an adjective.
'Why is she looking so happy?' - 'Oh, she's got crambob.'

'Guess what? I actually felt crambob this morning!'
by FetchMeAnArrow January 22, 2013
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