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1)A skateboarding trick where the skateboard is stalled on the back truck or the tail, and the rider grabs the front of the board, crail style. Done on the lip of a bank or a quarterpipe.

2)A coalition of 7 companies (Girl, Chocolate, Royal Trucks, Lakai, Fourstar, Diamond Supply Co and the Ruby Republic) that are all somehow connected and share owners/riders.

3)To tap an ass while walking by the posseser of said ass. Homosexually perfected by Aaron Meza.
1)We were at a ditch yesterday and all Tony did was talk about metal and try crailtaps.

2) Crailtap.com is the gross LA side of skateboarding

3) Did Mez just crailtap Rickk for a bag of chips?
by ring ring ring.... September 28, 2005

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