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Craig Morgan (Greer) is a multi-platinum country recording artist from Dickson, Tennesee, which is West of Nashville.

Ten year Army Veteran with Airbone and JumpMaster certifications, and memeber of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Division (101st Screamin' Eagles), and father of five.

The most epic blonde I know, and will always have your back. He is a great brother according to his sibling, Joeseph Greer, whom I have met and talked with.

Craig Morgan is an inspiration to all who listen, and should be more well known than he is. :)

(Also, Voted Hottest Blonde Country Artist 2011, and Hottest Male Country Performer in the 40s age range division 2011)

Some well known songs include "Almost Home", "That's What I Love About Sunday", "Redneck Yacht Club", "International Harvester", "Tough", "Love Remembers", "Bonfire", "God Must Really Love Me" "Little Bit of Life", "Still A Little Chicken Left On That Bone" and his current Number One Hit "This Ole Boy".

He is patriotic, talented, sexy and all over amazing!
(And those blue eyes are to DIE for)
Person 1: "Who is this Craig Morgan guy?"

Person 2: "Only the most epic, sexy, talented, blonde man in the country music business! He is an inspiration to all who listen and who got me into writing music! His voice is like that of a Tennessee Angel, and he's not the redneck people make him out to be! He's patriotic! He's proud! He's an amazing man!"

Example 2: Every boy in their right mind who wants to go into the music business envies this Craig Morgan for his talents and his looks.

Example 3: All the females swoon at Craig's concerts, hoping that they will be chosen to go on stage...

Example 4: Women can't help but get lost in the saphirres he calls his eyes, and men with brown eyes or eyes of a lesser blue invy his irises.
by Morgan_And_Craig_F-Yeah January 13, 2012
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