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Most talented singer in the whole world that does not get recognition. He can sing pop/rnb/hip-hop/reggae and he can flat out spit that fire!
"yo man you see Craig David spit over a milli during the MOBOs?"
"Ya that was epic, hes got to make a comeback to the states with those skills"
by Jim Beanz October 28, 2008
76 30
Fill in.

Based on the April 2000 hit single "Fill Me In" by Craig David.
So when are you going to Craig David me about your new boyfriend?

She had SUCH an epic weekend - she Craig Davided me yesterday.
by Em-Dizzled June 14, 2011
15 3
English Middle Class Slang used to describe when someone is having a furious outburst (go mental) for whatever reason.
Ashleigh: "Did you hear about Dave? He got caught with his pants down with another woman by his Wife!!!"

Lisa "Yeah I heard about it the other day, apparantly Dave's wife went absolutely "Craig David" and cut his tackle off with a 10 inch kitchen knife and fed it to the dog!"
by Jason Laird November 02, 2007
10 58