An unquenchable rage that results in the absolute destruction of objects by means of crunching often initiated by means of excessive alcohol consumption.
In response to a dysfunctional stereo, Zach experienced a sudden rush of crage as his foot came down upon the weak plastic exterior of his stereo, forcibly breaking it in half.
by Eleanor and Ingrid May 20, 2008
Top Definition
all that crazy rage.
awesome, fun, CRAZY.
man, we gonna party like the crage this weekend.

this is so crage.
by shermizzle January 22, 2009
The ultimate rage. Rageing for no apparant reason.
Chris craged on the Mc Donalads guy and punched him in the face because he asked him to repeat his order. Crage!!!!
by Lakaen June 03, 2007
A combination of the words craving and rage. Craving something so badly that you experience rage.
John cited his crage for cocaine as the reason for attempting to rob the liquor store.
by Cragin' Cajun May 20, 2010
Being mad for no apparent reason; Being full of anger and hate for everyone but yourself
Me:hey dad do you mind taking me to go driving for my permit sometime, it can be whenever is best for you! I dont care cause your the best dad in the world, I love you!

Dad: ::::sigh/huff::::::::::::: I dont know now get the fuck out of here:::::sighhhh:::::::

by SHAYTARDS August 16, 2012
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