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A snack most likley found in a Ghetto Mart or in a truck stop. i.e. Potato Chips, Lorna Doone Cookies, Microwaveable Burritos, Pringles, Litte Debbie Snacks, Hostess Baked Goods, etc...etc...
Should be very high in sugar or salt content. Preferably containing M.S.G. or high fructose corn syrup. Offers little or no nutrition.
DJ Willow from Paris (while on tour): Wow! I've had way too many Cracky Snacks today. I feel like shit! Can we stop at a road-side diner so we can all dine on some real food tonight before the show?
C.B. (Legendary tour bus driver): Um, there is an AMAZING! organic brew-pub in the next town over, about 100 miles from here, can you make it till then?
DJ Willow from Paris: Oh C.B.!!! I LOVE YOU!
C.B.: I know, 'cause I'm the BEST!
by DJ Willow from Paris June 25, 2007
noun plural. One or more cracky snack.

See cracky snack
Cracky Snacks are what makes the world go round!
by dj willow from paris July 29, 2007

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