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It's pretty much the stupidest way of saying asking/saying what's up.
Person 1: What's crackilackin?
Person 2: ...You're retarded. -walks away-
Person 3: The Krispy Kreme truck crashed, that's what the fuck is crackilackin, you retard.
by Oivey August 31, 2008
1.) Cracking, ill, action, and happening all as one word. Used typically in questions to ask all the above in abbreviated form. Like what's crackin, is it ill, where is the action at, and what's happenin.

2.) Yet to be invented form of crack mixed with finger licking good chicken.
1.) Yo fool what's crackilackin?

2.) Damn that crackilackin was soo good. I am both high and full, just can't stop licking my fingers.
by Dirty Southerner September 08, 2008
see crackilatin
yo that biych was crackilackin, kiiiid!
by jesus July 10, 2003
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