A word used by black people to tease them, just like nigger.

It comes from black people who noticed the white people having pale skin and relativly dry much like a salty cracker wafer.
It was first used and publicised by the Black Panthers and Malcome X who at the time said White Cracker. It was also used by Bill Clinton to describe white voters to win the vote of black people in the US.

White people think this word comes from Slavery when the white man would use the whip or cat & 9 tails, which is false and wrong.

The word originated in the Southern states in the US and in Britain.

The word can also be used to describe "Poor" white people on welfare from trailor parks used by the white man.

Conclusion: A derogatory word to describe the White man, like honkey and cracker baby. Though white people think its no offensive, it is very much so. That if you call them a cracker, there face will Turn red immidiatly.
white man: her nigger
black man: hey cracker

black man: Whats good cracker, you do know that every race other then crackers hate you.
white man: i though so, thats why I dont have friends..
black man: yeah, that might be part of the reason
by J'Love June 01, 2009
A cracker is a white person, generally southern and specifically Florida, southern Georgia and Southern alabama.
It is used to describe rural folk who homesteaded theses states and lived hard lives, in mostly agrarian roles. Cattle driving was one of their main occupations, the "Crack" of the Cattle,not slave whip (rarely did they own slaves, and were as poor as any slave) was from where they got their name. It is said the "crack" could be heard for nearly a mile. The name cracker was synonymous with thier food, architecture, way of making a living as well as the people themselves. Today the word is used to descibe any southern white person, mostly used in derogitory terms, as meaning rural poor country folk by those who could not be considered crackers. The term is not as negative as redneck or hick.
" That old old cracker house with a tin roof was preserved by the state as being historic"

"Cracker cooking consists of gator, swampcabbage and anything one can scrounge up"

"hey cracker, you best not be walking by yourself down that alley"
by Todd L M December 07, 2007
Not to be confused with the lower-case-initialled word, Cracker is a kick-ass police drama series from the UK starring Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in the Potter movies) as a criminal psychologist in the employ of Her Majesty's Police. He is Scottish (of course) and grimly determined to have show-down after show-down with his wife over his additions to gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Has a bit on the side with Sergeant Jane Penhaligon (whom he refers to as "Panhandle"), played by Geraldine Somerville (Lily Potter in the movies). He is deeply pessimistic and cynical and possessed of an ineluctable Celtic perception (sans tinsel and cliched stuff; think of the real Scotland) of the fundamental bleakness of the human condition. Sarcastic as hell. Unforgettable.
Oh, yes, the criminal cases are kind of interesting, too.
Did you catch Cracker on the tube the other night? Did you see the bit where Coltrane's smarmy colleague jumps off the roof?
by Fearman June 18, 2007
Here's another definition that may have been overlooked: the last part of a single-thong lash whip, such as a bullwhip or stockwhip (as opposed to a multi-thong, such as a Cat-O'-Nine-Tails) is formed of a thin twisted strand of nylon string about 6 inches long, and is called the "cracker" because that's the part of the whip that actually makes the crack effect as it travels through the air at high speed, breaking the sound barrier. Yes, as a working whip artist, I can tell you that the "cracker" or "popper" end of a bullwhip can travel over 700 MPH. The leather strand that attaches the cracker to the main body, or THONG, of the whip, is called the Fall. In the old days, the cracker was often made of hemp or horsehair.
This is also associated with the slave masters, who would use the cracker against a slave's skin as punishment or in an attempt to "motivate" the slave. It should be noted that,among those who work with livestock such as cattle, the whip was NOT used to hit the animal, but ONLY to make noise so as to drive the animal in a certain direction. Anybody hitting an animal was usually fired, and sometimes given the lash treatment themselves.
Watch out for the cracker on the end of that whip! You'll put your eye out!"
by zeebyaboi November 23, 2007
used to describe a person born and raised in florida ie "florida cracker", or a descendant from early british settlers in florida, and sometimes also refers to natives from surrounding states such as georgia or alabama. the name is derived from early ranchers (who were also what made gator wrestling the sport it is today) that cracked bullwhips to move and catch their cattle, as opposed to using lariats. because many people don't know that's how the term cracker came to be, it is often used incorrectly with a predominantly racist and/or negative connotation by african americans to refer to white people.
he was a true and proud cracker, born and raised in the state of florida.
by jo the lion king July 22, 2009
originally used as a term by British generals in letters back home to make fun of southern american wheat farms who turned there wheat into crackers to survive the winter.
it is now commenly used as redneck
those crackers got beat down by yanks
at gettysburg
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
British slang, meaning a thing that is excellent.
Did you just see Ian hit that pigeon with his shoe? What a cracker!
by IanS343 October 24, 2010
What niggers made up, along with honkey, to insult white people. I would like to know why the word nigger is bad, unless you're black (hypocrits), and why everyone is allowed to call white people crackers. (Aside from the fact the person who made cracker an insult was high on dope)
You should never say the C-word, you racist nigger asshole.

*Sends petition to ban the word cracker in spite of black people*
by supersmasher10015 February 26, 2007

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