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Many people go through daily life without thinking of where many words and phrases associated with street slang come from,

Cracker back was a word invented on the the 20th September 2009. The origin of this word is still unknown however after much deliberation this word is now widely used to speak of a person or thing that lacks a 'lil ass'. However this unknown terminology can also be widely used in any form of speech or communication to one another.As this is a relatively new word, many references of this can only be found on social networking sites.
' yo the chic has a cracker back'

' I went to the mall the other day and there wasn't nothing but cracker backs in there'

' He ain't got no meat on his back, he's nothing but a cracker back'

' You ain't nothing but a wotless broke ass cracker back'

' Wassup my cracker backer'
by Jocks, Ski and jolene September 19, 2009
13 4
white mexican.....also see wexican
My momma's white and my daddy's mexican....so there for i tis be a cracker back
by BigPIMP September 12, 2004
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