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The over-anxious, speedy walk of a crack head who is overjoyed with the crack they have just purchased and is trying to rush to the smoke spot before they get caught by the cops or another crack head attempts to steal their rock.

Often looks like a small child who is in a hurry to get to the bathroom accompanied by the tight clenching of one hand, which is commonly where the crack they purchased.
The "J" was doing the crack walk in the street when "12" grabbed him.
by w1kked May 06, 2010
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Verb which defines the kind of walking style adopted by crack addicts on a mission to get more crack. Typically eyes down, shoulders up, hunched over, listing to the side and small, fast steps.
Can't stop and chat mate, I'm running late, gotta get my crackwalk on.
by Stu & Sez April 27, 2007

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