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A sexual game wherein a target is 'painted', generally in concentric circles, on a WILLING female participant using the faeces of her partner (though it has been known for couples to 'share the load' at this point). The male participants overall aim is to ejaculate as close to the centre of this target as possible.

For an 'old school' crack shoot the targets need to be drawn, again, in concentric circles around the backside of the female participant, leaving the anus as the 'bullseye' itself, truly making it a 'crack' shoot. As well as a bad pun.
'Dude, met some girl last night, she wanted to try a crack shoot, it was intense'

'Old school crack shoot?'

'Yeah man, first bullseye of my life!'

'You sicken me'
by The Irritable Raccoon July 31, 2011
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