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A drinking game that requires much endurance and tolerance both physically and mentally.

How to Play:

1. There are two people in each team and as many teams as people wish to have.

2. One person lays on the ground with their stomach facing up. The other partner stands over the person lying down directly above their face and faces their feet.

3. The person standing over the partner laying down will take off their pants.

4. Beer or alcohol will then be poured down the persons crack and into the partners mouth.

How to Win:

1. Win by being the last team standing.

2. Teams are eliminated when one person passes out or cannot tolerate it anymore and gives up.

Take it to The Next Level:

Players can step up their game and push their physical limits by playing with coffee or hot chocolate.
Person 1: Dude, I'm getting tired of playing beer pong, I wish there was another drinking game just as good.

Person 2: Crack bottom is whats in now. No more beer pong!

Person 1: What? Whats crack bottom? How do you play?

Person 2: Prepare your anus, that is all.
by c205suf October 26, 2011
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