a dribble/travel only performed and discussed between basketball royalty
What are you talking about, ref? That wasn't traveling, I crab dribbled! - LeBron James
by mike vickery January 05, 2009
Dribbling with your back to defender.
When big men catch the ball down low you will often see them take a side dribble(crab dribble) with their backs to the defender and either drop step or go straight up.
by Blackspiderman March 20, 2010
Basketball term for Traveling Violation. Coined by Cleavland Cavelier LeBron James attempting to justify an obvious traveling violation in a game between the Cleveland Caveliers and Washington Wizards on January 4th 2008.
Lebron James always gets away with the crab dribble.
by Neil Syal January 05, 2009
Apparently, it's NBA lingo for a "hesitation-dribble and two steps." Basically, it's just the hottest thing on the market to say when you travel in basketball...but want to get away with it.
Fan #1 "Dude, did you see LeBron totally get away with travelling on that last basket?"
Fan #2 "No, dude...that was totally a 'crab dribble' asshole. LeBron's the Chosen One.
Fan #1 "You're retarded. Get the fuck outta my face. Now."
Fan #2 "No, dude. Watch."
Fan #1 "Hey...he fuckin' travelled and got away with it alright? Shut up. PLEASE."
by RPangle January 06, 2009

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