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The tasty alternative to mountain dew, best taken with a side of koucalash
id like some crab juice with a side order of kouckalash, not mountain dew please.
by R Diddy August 28, 2003
A fictitious drink used to denote the lesser of two evils. Originally featured in the episode "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson", Homer was offered Mountain Dew or Crab Juice. After thoroughly detesting the Mountain Dew, Homer selected the Crab Juice (a flavor most would find detestable).
Brian: Would you rather use MS Office (and support Gate's economic control of the world) or struggle through Open Office to type your paper?
Kelly: I'll take the crab juice. Office seems easier.
by xenoranger December 13, 2010
A very talented if not best pre-uor Ultima Online PvPer. Also infamous for his manipulation and numerous amount of scams. Well known in Counter-Strike for being on CAL-Invite team Rival.
Crab Juice tought me how to PvP for 300k
by chanky October 10, 2005
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