casual snuggling between two friends of the opposite sex
Samantha: so, when i was at Chris' house yesterday, we started snuggling, but it was totally casual, cuz we're just friends, ya know?"
Katie: "i got you. so u guys were cozing?"
Samantha: "yeah"
by vickim65 August 25, 2011
Top Definition
Short-form of Resting, Sleeping.
Rooted from the word Cozy
Dude it's only like 8pm why are you cozing?
by JJDynamite February 14, 2009
The act of being in complet comfort with an object or someone else. This includes cuddling, comforting, getting cozy. While cozing one will feel warm, peaceful, happy, relaxed, sleepy, serene, and completely cozy. Cozing is often performed with a significant other while chilling. It must also be noted that Liz and Andrew are the best at cozing ad well as the founders of the verb.
While watching Netflix, Liz and Andrew started cozing.

The Chimpanzee cozed with the ape.

Jack was cozing with his pillow late one night.
by AvLize October 18, 2014
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