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Privately owned Cable company and subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, which currently operates in Metro areas and serves 6.2 Million customers in 17 states which are


They are also the sole Cable provider in Rhode Island.

Besides Rhode Island they do not have a big footprint and are 3rd largest preceded by Comcast and Time Warner.

Like all service monopolies, customer service is not a top priority. They are known to piss many people off and chase them out to Satellite TV since each cable company has a monopoly in the areas they serve.

Cox also offers Internet and Phone, and will give you the triple play offer which is Cable, Internet, and phone for $100. Otherwise though, their services are expensive. It is not unheard of to pay for $100 on digital cable alone with Cox after taxes and rental fees. The company goes as far as charging a rental fee for the REMOTE.

As far as Cox internet goes, for the most part, it is competitive with DSL. Most of their packages are $3 to $5 more or less than DSL's equivalent. Service is not the best and you will always find yourself stressing when calling the customer service line, for all of Cox services.
Cox cable sucks balls. I payed $50 for basic cable before switching to Satellite. Their Internet is decent I guess. You can't really complain if you have Verizon as the other option for Internet. Still sucks though. Their phone service after the smoke and mirrors isn't that pleasant. It's almost like Verizon which charges you for other phone features, most which come standard on cell phones. Even the prepaid ones.
by 14th Street DC June 24, 2010
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