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a Cowboy Church is a Christian church for anyone, but, most importantly, for cowboys; however, it is not considered or recognized as a church by other denominations -- protestant or Catholic and is mostly contained by a collective ministry. Attendees come in by car, feet, and sometimes horseback. Their services differ from regular services where several tradition parts are left out... such as: alter call, collection, and sometimes even a sermon....
Guy 1: "Dude? Are they going to have a sermon?"|
Cowboy hick: "Nope! We donn duuueee dat 'ere at a Cowboy Church!"
Guy 1: 'Oh.. all of you will burn in hell!"
hick: "Wat?"
guy: "as far as i am concerned... this isn't a real church and all of you will burn in hell."
by catholicalltheyway May 27, 2008
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