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Slang term for caffeine, usually in reference to snorting or insufflating the caffeine powder. Used when in need of a quick rush, without much of a euphoria. Also called by friends as yellow 50/200 (In reference to snorting 1/4 or complete double strength Jet Alert pill) or yellow snow or snow flour (Used as a safe word when trying to say snorting caffeine but are in public areas or places when doing this is frowned upon) The results of snorting caffeine are a strong rush and focus, little to no euphoric affects (it depends on the person), and a short burning feeling in the nose. Great if you are going to or at a party and need some energy and are out of coke.
L "Hey man, up for a night of Coward's coke?"
J "Yea man, why not?"
K "Dude! What's up?
A "Aye, I'm just picking up some more yellow 50's, what some?"
K "Let's do it!"
L "Hey dude, this party is going slow, I'll be in the bathroom with some yellow snow."
J "Hold up dude, let me in on some"
by Yellow L August 10, 2012
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