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Mounting a large woman, slapping her on the behind and riding the wave.
Man that girl Joe was with was soooo big. Dude must be into cow surfing or something!
#cow surfin #boning a fat girl #sex #fat #fat fuck
by ERROR_NAN July 23, 2010
Recent trend found among youths of Anabaptist communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Affected communities include Amish, Mennonite and Bretheren groups. It is not known whether Bruderhof and Hutterite youth are also engaging in this activity. The act itself involves the clandestine utilization of livestock, primarily cattle, for the purpose of standing, non-seated, riding. The behavior is thought to result from emulation of non-Anabaptist, i.e. "English" or "fancy people," sports such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Although not dangerous to the animals themselves, there has been a marked increase since mid-2006 in the number of unexplained "falls" by Anabaptist teenagers. In September of 2009 the CDC issued a bulletin that both notified rural healthcare professionals of the alarming trend and provided counseling guidelines.
"Hey Walter, did 'ya hear about Eli Stolzfus?"
"What naw?"
"He was cow surfing last night near New Holland but wiped out so bad that he ended up in Lancaster General."
#cow surfing #cow #surfing #cow-surfing #mennonite #fancy people #amish #anabaptist #ungulate
by PSU PhD November 05, 2009
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