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a. An old show that used to be commonly found on the popular children's channel "Nickelodeon". Now... not so much.

b. that cousin that you always catch whacking off in his bedroom.

oh john, you're just a skeeter
by tsb March 05, 2005
A white guy with a jew fro that looks mexican.
Friend 1: im gonna call you cousin skeeter from now on....
Friend 2: do i want to know why?
Friend 1: its because you're mexican and have a jew fro.
Friend 3: is Chris around?
Friend 1: Nope just Cousin Skeeter and I.
by Mr.Whippy6969 April 28, 2009
when a hillbilly busts a nut or ejaculates on a cousin or relative
paul gave tina a cousin skeeter to show his affection for his favorite relative
by bknappauto June 03, 2011
another name for a skeezer (a hoe or slut)
Bro, that she's a cousin skeeter.
by KMAC DADDY December 27, 2007
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