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When a male and female are having sexual interourse and another man reveals himself and inserts his penis into the womans anus wihout her consent, the woman, at first is not happy, but after a while realizes she thinks it feels good.

The word orriginates from the Cosby Show's Cousin Pam, the character who appeared late in the Cosby show. Cousin Pam was a fresh urban youth who sent to live with the Huxtables. At first, viewers were reluctant to cousin Pam, but later learned to love her just as much as Rudy. This is where the sexual term "cousin pam'd"
"Dude, billy totally cousin Pam'd trish last night"
"I walked in on Skyler and Denise and cousin pam'd denise"
by Dan Roflmcwaffle September 09, 2006

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