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A High School student who is ostricised and ignored from the rest of the school and eventually forced into or around said schools courtyard.

This happens due to these students being different and not following the flow of mainstream style or enjoyment of thier lives.

After the fault of the preps these students then are made fun of and branded as losers for life for just having fun and doing things their own individual way and although not accepted can be very accepting themselves.

Even being seen with these "Courtyard Kids" can be a hazard to your reputation.
Eww, courtyard kids are gross.

Go back to the courtyard, kid, hahahahhahahh.

Oh, you hacky sack? It's footbag bitch.
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004
A Courtyard kid is generaly a dark clad unique individual most likely a rocker some Rapper types though alot of them hack amost all are disliked, dispised, or even hated by the rest of the school.
Get away from me Courtyard kid
by TrOjAn_MaN May 11, 2004
The most popular clique in San Francisco's Lowell High School. They are the social elites of the school consisting of all of the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. While mostly White, there are a lot of Asians that are in the clique. Members of the Courtyard are members of San Francisco's rich people, elected members of the Student Government, good looking people, and sports jocks. They are called courtyard kids because they encompass the entire outdoor section of the courtyard. As with the other definitions, the sheltered section of the courtyard contains the school's rejects. However, there are some people that should belong as a courtyard kid instead of the rejects.
The Courtyard Kids have the most influential social power in the school. They control the Student Government, the sports teams, and the overall well being of the school.

It is ones luck to be a courtyard kid.
by Tom Anoynomousmous March 17, 2008
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