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In the city of Melbourne, country road bags are everywhere! They are usually worn by 12-16 year old males who desperately plea their mother for weeks to get this ridiculous bag. If you got one, you probaly got one because you want to be popular and hang out with the trendy losers.
Me: Look at those guys with the country road bags coming out of that train!
Louis: 1,2,3,8,17,35...
Me: Stop it... the amount is infinite. this HAS to be the work of terrorists...
by cl4viin July 22, 2009
A shitty trend that is going around. Literally EVERYONE at my school and in the city has these stupid bags because they think they are 'cool' or 'gangsta'. I seriously think that this is really stupid and all the bags should be burnt.
Callum: Haha look at the emoo! hes got a my chemical romance bag! what a fag haha. My country road bag is way better

Luke: Yeah country road bags are so awesome and unique

Aaron: I know right! they are like the trendiest bag ever...

Me: *Sigh*
by XxDylannxX May 14, 2009
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