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A Country Mexican is a person who is Mexican, or Mexican-American who favors the country culture and Southern Lifestyle while still retaining their Mexican Culture. They love Country music, Ice tea, Tacos, Biscuits and Gravy, Guns, and are into the offroading scene. They tend to favor living in the countryside than in a city, dress in boots, and jeans, and are friendly and courteous, as most true southern folks are. Most Country Mexicans originate from the Northern Mexican states like Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and a few others. Northern Mexico is alot like the Southern U.S., where the Cowboy culture is popular. Country Mexicans support the military, drive American vehicles, and most own ranches and cattle. Shiner Bock is a must as Dos Equis. Luke Bryan and Josh Abbott are in the same playlist as Intocable and La Maquinaria Nortena.

Unfortunately, Country Mexicans are shunned by some people saying they are "whitewashed" or forgot their Mexican roots. This is not true, for many Country Mexicans are fluent spanish speakers, and are very patriotic as well. They love America as much as they love Mexico. Texas has arguably the most Country Mexicans in the U.S. Also Known as 'Redneck Mexicans" or "Cowboy/Girl Mexicans" "Vaqueros''..
"Country Mexican girls are amazing hardworkers, can cook damn good Mexican food, drive a badass truck and can problaby kick your ass, while looking so damn good"

"I met a Mexican guy from Texas in the military, he talked with a country accent spoke fluent spanish, and drove a diesel f250 4x4. He always wore cowboy boots and wranglers. I thought they all drove lowriders and sagged their dickies pants"

"Some Mexican bands have made country songs and sung them in spanish, like Ocho Segundos and Marco Escareno, they are very talented and are expanding the Country Music Genre into Mexico.". " I want to marry a Mexican girl that likes the country lifestyle as much as in do"
by DieselTexMex August 23, 2012

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