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An underground organization with chapters in most Puerto Rican schools, founded in opposition to the Terror Unit. The CT-Unit, as it is known, promotes respect for one's elders and for the social order in the school. It is formed from most of the cliques in the school, with each having at least one representative in the body of the Unit.

Its organizational structure is also far more complicated than that of its opponents. Directors, the leaders of each chapter, are elected by the body at large, while the Directors themselves choose one as General Director. Each Director then chooses a member from the body to be a sort of under-Director, though this member holds no official rank.

The CT-Unit does its best not to utilize the verbal and physical abuse that mark its opponent; however, sometimes it is necessary for CTs to take violent action in defense of another or others. Directors are generally empowered to institute different policies regarding physical action; most commonly, if a T-Unit member attacks a CT, the Director calls for an all-out war against the T-Unit in that school.
Mario: "You're in the Counter-Terrorist Unit now?"

John: "Yeah, I just caught one of those little T-Unit morons hitting a kid yesterday."

Mario: "Kicked his ass?"

John: "You know it! I'm thinking of running for Director, actually!"
by The Red-Hatted Plumber April 13, 2006
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