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1) a game for players who can't afford to upgrade their computers. see also; ghetto rig

2) a game for players who can't seem to adjust to the new cs:source, because they have been playing 1.6 since the beginning of time.
these players often have an irrational refusal to accept novel experiences or a learning disability.
player #1: "Hey man, are you -still- playing Counter Strike 1.6?"
player #2: "Yeah, Source is gay!"
player #1: "Are you sure it's not that you suck at Source and haven't bothered trying to adjust to the new game?"
player #2: "No... actually my computer can't run source ;("
by emirizilla January 08, 2008
Best Counter Strike game ever developed. It owns source and condition zero.
Guy 1: CS Source and condition zero is the best!

Guy 2: Counter Strike 1.6 ftw you noob!
by d3stiny November 10, 2006