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When a person or "people" find your online post humorous wait until you--- "the poster" is offline so they can re-post your bulletin without giving any credit to the original poster (eg: You) with minimal repercussions.
This situation commonly presents itself when either
1. ur too drunk to deal with (ppl r scared of u!)
2. they hate u! but like what u post and want to re-post using their other profile. (which make the distinction null and void) and they rape all the credit.
3.They r too drunk to remember or copy paste the original poster!
4.If your post succeeds in being posted u have achieved the Countdown to Distinction "DiStinktion"
If reposter change the video size to larger than ur original post...they fail! but so do u for having them on ur friends list~
by Psylocke's Psychic Knife September 09, 2009
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