word used for a Mercury Cougar 67-68
Ay cuddie, we were yokin the cougnut at the Strip
by 510 NORCAL BIIIIIATCH March 14, 2005
Top Definition
"Cougnut (1968 - 2001) was an African American rap artist from San Francisco, California. Cougnut's immense contributions to Bay Area hip hop include his recordings, which have appeared on countless compilation albums, the moral support he gave to his fellow Bay Area hip hop recording artists, and his historical significance in being the first Bay Area artist to achieve a hit with his song "I'm Rolling," which inspired generations of Bay Area artists and hip hop label entrepreneurs. Cougnut and his seminal crew yielded San Francisco's first major underground street hit in the late 1980s called "Scandalous." This Lakeview native released other hit songs such as: "Don't Get It Twisted", and "Last Breath" with I.M.P. Cougnut's career with the Ill Mannered Playas tragically ended as the result of a fatal car accident in Daly City, California in 2001."

-From Wikipedia

That's scandalous,
ill-mannered posse,
rollin with me

by Jaynik February 27, 2008
it means a mercury cougar but in a better way.
i got a coug nut, sittin on wires, and vogues biatch, not michelin tires
by Leemo79 September 28, 2006
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