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Coughtag, is a way people indicate something by coughing. This meaning could be to indicate something which a person has said or done. For example, if someone was to do something bad which you saw, you could annoy them by coughing and saying the deed they've done.
A Boy goes on bad websites, and his friend sees.

The next day the friend: (Cough), BAD WEBSITES!

Another example:

Friend - Coughtag BADWEBSITES!
by Craazetoon March 23, 2014
When you're trying to show someone online that you are saying something under your breath, use the cough tag.
Joe: Duuuude, I got the awesomest iPod yesterdayy!!!!!
Bob: *cough* gay *cough*
Joe: Huh?
Bob: Huh?
Joe: Did you just use the cough tag on me?
Bob: Uh, no, that wasn't me.
Joe: But you- but- ugh.
by austinyb June 06, 2009
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