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Cougar Milk is a beverage used by cougars, with other cougars, as a social drink to dull the senses. Cougar Milk is often a gin & tonic, white wine, or Cosmo.

Cougar Milk is available at country clubs, tennis clubs, five star hotels and truck stops in Nevada. Women under the age of 39 should avoid Cougar Milk until they have developed a serious drinking problem. Cougar Milk should not be consumed until after 9:30 AM. Please use caution when operating a dildo or other sexual device after using Cougar Milk. In some cases, cougars reported an uncontrollable need to shop after drinking large quantities of Cougar Milk. Luxury auto dealerships and high-end jewelry stores should be avoided while using Cougar Milk unless otherwise directed by your divorce attorney.
After knocking back Cougar Milk all morning, the cougars went to the day spa and spent the afternoon complaining about their lovers.
by Jib Slice May 22, 2010
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