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A feeding trough created for luring cougars into a viewing area. The trough should be 45"-55" long, 15"-20" wide, and exactly 16" deep. If the trough is placed more than 6 inches above the ground it will not be effective in luring cougars. Make sure that you view the cougars from further than 50' away; they are dangerous animals that can attack suddenly; especially if the food in the trough is not prepared correctly. The bait should be fresh, raw meat, with a hint of tomato seasoning. Important! Cougars will rarely visit a cougar trough on the first day it is constructed; be patient!
The best way to observe a cougar in the wild is to construct a Cougar Trough to lure him in.
by SDZoo BigCat Keeper August 15, 2011
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