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Camel Toe for Cougars
Tu Yung: M.Hunter, check out that leathery-skinned honey, her butt looks great in those skin tight jeans.

M.Hunter: Tu, I agree, but I can't stand the Cougar Toe when she turns around.
#camel toe #cougar #milf #butt #c-toe
by SeaKay June 01, 2006
When a person (typically female but may also be male in some cases) wears clothing of a size to small for them which results in two bules with a line in the middle in the groin area. Similar in some cases to a Gunt but usuall more defined. The cougar toe is typically found in women who are also found in the cougar category. Sometimes abbreviated to just "A coug" or "the coug"
Wow! Check out that mad cougar toe at the end of the bar!

Oh my, after Johnny put on some weight he certainly has developed a mighty courgar toe!
by CrimsonGhost July 14, 2004
This should be "camel toe".
Goofus: "Check out that cougar toe!"

Gallant: "I think you mean CAMEL TOE."
by Hello World February 23, 2005
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