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A state of being. A man or boy of any age who prefers and chases younger women in their 20's (or, in general terms... much his junior) and who is emulating a woman COUGAR while seeking love or sex. Such male individuals are said to be in this state of being. Used in a similar fashion to the common western phrase: "In touch with one's Feminine Side"...... but referring to male sexual behavior, taste or preference for younger women.
"hey jim. This is a nice club. Hey check it out. There are three forty year old women over there. Wanna head on over?"

"nah, I'm all about the 23 year old girls over there in the corner. Come on, lets get acquainted. Let's get in touch with our cougar sides, tonight."


"I'm in touch with my Cougar Side! I love my women young"
by MyNickNameIsNotMyName May 19, 2010
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