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Any young man being preyed upon by an older, more experienced woman.
"Are you sure your son's safe moving to LA? You know he's prime Cougar Meat".
by kellyonkauai December 26, 2009
These are the males in their late-teens or 20s that "cougars" are on the prowl for.
Cougar #1: Hey, did you see that hot cutie with the Ed Hardy shirt going into the men's room?

Cougar #2: Oh yeah, definite cougar meat - I want to jump his bones!
by Atlanta Bob September 13, 2009
The aging reproductive organ of a wily, sexually charged woman in her 40s. Usually resembles rotting flesh. The sweet/pungent scent will often attract flies.
I'm sick of college girls, man. Let's hit up the Pottery Barn and track down some cougar meat!
by Brohamity Sam June 13, 2007

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