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A creature that comes and lives on your couch. They will steal internet, food and blankets. They will come and go as they please, but they're most likely to be found on your couch in the summer months.

Couch trolls commonly eat food that requires little to no cooking or preparation, and can be eaten with one hand. Couch trolls rarely leave the couch they are currently inhabiting, they only get up to gather food, when they have angry bladder syndrome, or to move to a new couch.

If you have a couch troll inhabiting your couch, let them be, for if you try to move them they may get irritated and remove your limbs from your body.
Person 1: 'Where have all our blankets gone?'
Person 2: 'Couch troll is back'

Person 1: 'Where has all our food gone?'
Person 2: 'Couch troll is back'

Person 1: 'Why is our internet so slow?'
Person 2: 'I told you already, couch troll is back!'
by Charlie82 January 16, 2011
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