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A person like a couch potato,but instead eats healthy foods.
Ben is a couch potato,but Jen is obviously a couch tomato.All she ever eats is salads.
by ThatBushOutsideYourWindow April 08, 2010

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A very sexy female television viewer;a sexy female couch potato;a "tomato" seated on a love seat or a divan or a hide-a-bed.
Dam,Wilbur! Will you take a look at Daisy Mae,watchin`television? At 38-22-36,shezza reel`COUCH TOMATO,ain`t she?
by SIDNEY GOLDSMITH November 27, 2003
a couch potato with red hair
not only is she a couch tomato she is a firebrush.
by Joel Byers March 17, 2004