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A video game that works best when played with a group of players in real life. The game supports local multiplayer and is inherently more fun with groups. Promotes laughter and/or stiff competition. These types of games stress an emphasis on none virtual social interaction. The term couch refers to a sitting device generally used during such gaming get togethers, though alternate seating arrangements have little to no effect on the gaming experience. Good Examples are Guitar Hero games and Super Smash bros. Good couch games are rarer these days with the ever increasing popularity and wide spread accessibility of online play.
"Yeah it's a great couch game, I couldn't stop laughing"
by JoshTheMadTitan January 05, 2015
When a group of friends or family get together and enjoy multiplayer gaming on a console.
Some friends and I just enjoyed some couch games on the new console.

This Wii-U console has multiple games that can be played for a Couch Game Experience.
by GameBoy09 July 02, 2014
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