the hair around the anal orifice on a female
"oh man i was slamming that bitch analy and her cotton tail grabbed onto my bush"
by mikethedyke October 20, 2006
Top Definition
A female's buttocks that are particularly whiter than the rest of her body, often due to lack of sunlight in that spot.
The tan girl took off her underwear and I saw she had a cottontail: her ass was very pale in comparison with the rest of her body.
by cottontail guy January 21, 2008
Someone unused to being naked outdoors. Used by nudists to denote people uninitiated, or recently inititated, to nudism. From the untanned color of such a person's posterior.
Not wanting people to think he was a cottontail, he spent time on the sunbed to get rid of his tanlines.
by Thaddeus Hamilcar Murphy July 14, 2006
A type of drunkenness where one speaks at an annoying lower level of intelligence often repetitive and antagonistic in nature.
Wow Justin, put down that JOOSE you're getting way to cottontail. -noun

After that game of quarters, Justin was cottontailing pretty bad. -verb
by Michael Quinones November 22, 2007
A sex act in which a man ejaculates on his partner's buttocks.
See pearl necklace.
After having sex from behind, he pulled out of her and gave her a cotton tail.
by Widght October 05, 2011
When a girl's panties or underwear is sticking out over her jeans. Most commonly noticed when person is bending down; also strangely common among thongs.

When a girl's panties are hanging out, showing you a glimpse of her undies.
"Hey man, check out that cottontail standing in line at the bar."


"Ma'am, I don't mean to be rude, but you have some serious cottontail back there."
by JoeGamble August 27, 2007
Cottontailing occurs when a piece of toilet paper rips during mid wipe, leaving a small piece of T.P stuck to lingering poop. As a result, the victim is left with a "cottontail" protruding out from the middle of the butt crack; resembling a small white tail, much like a cottontail bunny rabbit. This can also be referred to as a Rabbits Foot. Although contrary to rabbits feet, cottontailing is not lucky.
Bro, i went to pull up my pants and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror sporting a cottontail
by MiddleBrazil June 23, 2013
When one discovers later after taking a shit that tolit paper has been stuck/crusted in his asshole leaving little white flakes on his ass hair and ass hole, causing the term "cottontail".
Man, i was in the shower and found all these white things in my ass, i was cottontailin all day long and didnt even realize why my ass was itching so bad.
by joseph cutter December 10, 2006
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