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A large, particularly ill tempered snake which resides within the state Texas, and parts of Louisiana. Although its existence has never been confirmed, many reports of vicious attacks have come in from drunken fishermen all over the state. They are said to have vivid color patterns and are accompanied by a peculiar odor. They are especially prone to attacking liberals.
What is that over there in the bushes? Holy shit! that's a cottonback rattle moccasin!! Get the hell away from it man, you're a registered democrat!
by texasmustang67 September 02, 2010
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any snake that appears threatening. This word covers a wide array of venomous snakes in the south.
If there's a snake on the side of the road and you don't know what it is. "That could be a cottonback rattlemoccasin. I'm not going near it!"
by Clint Wayner May 23, 2009
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