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1; A derogatory term used to describe a black person; in reference to the historical cotton picking forced upon African slaves.

2; Someone who belongs to a specific genre of persons who pursue sexual relationships, whether momentary or prolonged, with people of Asian ethnicity in a manner that is at least somewhat exclusive.

3; Somebody who likes to remove tampons from a vagina not belonging to them, consenting or otherwise.
Example 1;

Black Guy: "Fuck you cracka!"

White Guy: "Fuck you, cotton farmer!"

Example 2;

Person 1: "That guy's always fuckin' Asian chicks."

Person 2: "Word, he's a fuckin' cotton farmer!"

Example 3;

Fratboy 1: "What's with this guy's wastebin, it's full of used tampons?!"

Fratboy 2: "Oh that sick fucker...you didn't know he was a cotton farmer?"
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008