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One small area in Costa Mesa that is home to many industrial warehouses and low rent housing dominated by hispanics. Mesa Verde, East Costa Mesa, and South Coast regions of Costa Mesa, which all include exclusive areas, desperately wish this area would be bulldozed and redeveloped. Even with this area included, the average cost of a home in Costa Mesa surpases that of most neighboring cities, such as Huntington Beach and Irvine. (but not Newport Beach of course)
Why can't we just deport all of the beaners in Costa Mexico and
by tmart24 September 18, 2005
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Slander term for Costa Mesa, California. Created by upper class residing in Newport Beach, California (beside Costa Mesa) to describe the area, with its large mexican population.
After we go to Fletcher Jones Mercedes, lets go to the Home Depot in Costa Mexico
by Anthony H February 23, 2005

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