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An ancient consumerist winter holiday. Unlike Christmas and others, it has no particular religious origin and is completely secular. Celebration involves the purchase of Cosmopolitan Magazine and Egg Nog. Participants drink the latter while dramatically reading the former, learning great sex tips and a variety of whimsical names for vaginas. An additional practice that is less well-known involves the purchase and eating of Swedish Fish, often intended for those who do not enjoy Egg Nog.
"I just came back from a killer Cosmonog party. Sandy drank five cups of nog and read us a steamy story about a hot firefighter and a snow-blower."
by sylentsage December 23, 2011
A russian man of colour in space, as opposed to the usual white space traveller, cosmonaut
Man, did you see that cosmonog in the new sputnik?
by Roman Totale October 08, 2007
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