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the most delicious food that you will ever eat. its addictive quality leaves you craving its chocolate smooth texture forever. it has a dense rich texture of milky chocolate with a thick rich chocolaty frosting with yummy sprinkles. although it is probably on of the most unhealthy things you could possibly ingest, it is completely. worth. it.
Bob: dude, these brownies are so good
10 minutes later
Bob: holy shit im going to puke, im never having a cosmic brownie again.
10 minutes later
Bob: dude those brownies were so good. im getting more.
by cosmicbrownielover July 20, 2011
When colored marbles are shoved up your lovers butthole and then propmtly shit out resembling the Little Debbie snacks we love so much.
While having extramarital sex, I shoved marbles up by girlfriends ass and she shit on me, giving me a cosmic brownie.
by Wes Martin December 20, 2008
after sticking it in someone's ass, you blow a load and make them lick off the cum and poop mixture.
my girlfriend said she was hungry, so i gave her a cosmic brownie. she loves that kind of shit.
by Roman G. February 09, 2004
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