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A beautiful girl, that alot of lads want, but she can mess them around some times.
Mostly sleeps with them but every 1 still loves her.
is kind, caring, playa, tart, and likes bacon.
Person 1: you know that coryn shes got two lads on the go?
Person 2: yea but u got to love her haven't you;)
Person 1: yea i guess LOL, hopefully she picks ****
by prittykitty April 25, 2011
Nice Friend, Smart, Blonde, likes vampires, and can be rlly cool all the time
Person 1: I am having a awesome time!
Person 2: You must be with Coryn
by SomeBody III November 30, 2010
short blonde gurl, nice ass, white smile, lesbian, (: i always see her thongs hanging out
coryn makes me hot when she makes out with that other hot gurl in the hall.
by camel019 October 29, 2010