A great baseball player and a greater dad who tragically died 10-11-06, in a plane accident, around 2:30pm in New York City.He played the last part of his season with the Yankees, who he was traded to on the trading deadline, before which he played for Philidelphia.

The most likely cause for the accident was some sort of mechanical failure.

People who think Cory Lidle is a terrorist are either complete idiots, or ignorant Red Sox or Mets fans.

Normal Person "Dont you think Cory lidle was a nice person and a great dad?"
Ignorant Met fan "Who ya talkin bout, u meanz that terrorist, cory lidle, who was hired by al queda to blow up the building but failed? he was an azzzhole"
Normal Person "Wow, well, atleast you thought about it...., wat about you?"
Ignorant Red Sox fan "umm der der der, i dink im going to agwee wid da met fan der der der, wen does special ed start?"
Normal Person "Why am I even talking to you guys anyway?"
by DylanWR October 16, 2006

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