The use of the english language without any slang or improper grammer. This is excluding add-on's such as the following:
and other 'gangster' slang or anything Snoop Dawg may say.
George: Hello sir! How are you today?
James: I am fine, how about yourself?
George: I am fine as well! Good bye friend!
James: Good bye!
George: Thank you for using Correct English so I can understand you sir!
James: Not a problem!

Here is englinsh when its not used correctly

Shoquifa: Yo' Bitxch! Wher' yo' azz bee!?
Nalatifa: Aw hewll naw! Hewll naaaaw! I know's yous forshizzin' azz aint talkin' to me hoe!
Shoquifa: Hewll yeas I was!
#read a book #shakespear #steven king #dean koontz #high school english teacher #college english teacher #even a elementary school english teacher.
by Steve Collins February 13, 2006
Top Definition
Correct English is term used by ignorant people to describe any local deviation in syntax, grammar and pronunciation throughout the wide variety of examples of the uses of the modern English Language. "Correct English" in fact, implies nothing of value, since English, as a language, is English and though I'm using English right now, I call it a fucking Elevator, not a Lift, because I am an American.
James: Hello, sir.

George: Thank you for using Correct English so I can understand you sir!

James: Thank you for bieng an ignorant asshole. It is a tangible example to me of the need for a higher quality of education in the world.

George: Your welcome?
#english #good english #bad english #high english #english english
by WordSmithWhoLearnedIt September 01, 2009
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