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After a healthy feed of corn on the cob mixed with a half dozen brewskies, what comes out in the terlet

the guy forgot to flush down his cornucopious....I ought to fist him with some pissknucks for that.
by The Jammer August 17, 2003

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From the two words cornucopia and copious. It means an overflowing abundance, a plentiful amount.
"I say there Frederick, did you notice the cornucopious amount of food they had at that gathering?"

by Katch-22 July 10, 2008
cornucopious-meaning,the same as,cornucopia.horn of plenty.abundance.amble.rich,wealthy.
the superstore carry a cornucopious of
namebrand items.
cornucopious-is like america,one word that mean to have some of everything.
by WLSCOTT February 28, 2004