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A Lutheran school in Mount Barker, Australia. According to Wikipedia it has a library, a basketball court gym, a canteen, an oval and a theater. BIG FAT WHOOP!!!!

According to Calum its students are "them damn Cornerstone kids, with all there (sic) amazing education, great personalities,
and surplus money."

....Obviously not such an amazing education.

The kids from Mount Barker High School like to throw fruit at the kids from Cornerstone, as Mt Barker's legendary bus chariot, the Big Yellow Bitch rolls past the Cornerstone kids sweltering and or freezing in their ramshackle tin shed excuse for a bus stop.

Overall, Cornerstone is a fine establishment, though what goes on behind those oddly-shaped school gates, I shall never know. *tear*
Let's go throw some fruit at the Cornerstone College kids.
by Chicken Kababs January 20, 2008
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