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The single greatest human being in the whole universe. He likes to stand in corners for reasons incomprehensible to our pathetic human brains. He likes motorcycles obviously, and he never talks, but his pale blue eyes and charming disposition do him enough justice. He is a fast runner since standard tracks are circular and have no corners so he runs in search of one. His high speed is one of the many theories that surround his appearances in multiple places at once, other theories including an underground tunnel system, teleportation, and cloning capabilities. Also his name is Ryan.
There is no God but Corner Guy and Ty is his prophet.
by Sir Uncealot April 15, 2008
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A Hott SExy Man that loves having man secks in the locker room,
His large body and sexy face,
is so delightfull.
Hey who did you get fucked by matt?
by WeenieFagbot_ April 15, 2008
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A man who always want to meet on a corner in case he sees someone better walking down the other side side of the street. A man who has a good woman but won't commit in case someone 'better' might be just around the corner.
He lost the best woman he'd ever met because we couldn't give up his corner guy ways.
by Toronto gal March 28, 2017
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