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1) A corner legend is a person who frequently finds himself/herself in the corner of various venues. Further, he/she has mastered the art of accepting their niche in the corner, while refraining from inconveniencing his/her company and even tending to their needs. For example, a corner legend in a restaurant sits in the corner of the booth and readily passes condiments and sweetners when members of his/her company are in need. A corner legend can exit their corner to go to the bathroom, without depending on their friends/acquaintances to get up. A corner legend always finds a convenient way out.
2) A corner legend can also reffer to a hustler that is infamous or recieves notoriaty from his/her peers. He/she works the corner in a way that is respected by the community and is simultaneously very lucrative.
J-PEYST: Yo what you up to son?
ACKRO: I'm about to meet B.Fish at a restaurant, wanna tag?
JPEYST: Damn straight, I'm comin'. I never pass up da chance to eat wit da corner legend.
ACKRO: Yeah Fish is da illest corner legend I met. He's always dependable to pass da hotsauce as soon as you need it.
JPEYST: And Fish runs that corner in NMB like a straight thug. He get all the hoes and all the cash. What a balla.
by J-PEYST March 09, 2006
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